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About GatewayPro The product and options

dTect Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a privately held business that specialises in the monitoring and management of commercial power and/or water supply.

dTect GatewayPro
Online Reporting PlatformdTect Gateway Pro is our flagship product specialising in the monitoring and management of postpaid power and/or water supply into commercial housing blocks and/or commerical holdings such as hotels, restaurants and the like.

Benefits of the solution are:

  • Can accommodate up to 25 sensors per gateway ie: 25 apartments or 25 commercial outlets measuring water and/or power usage collectively.
  • Each sensor is addressable, enabling bi-directional communication directly to/from the physical sensor for power or water cut-off.
  • Management occurs proactively, and the Gateway alerts the client immediately of a problem via SMS.

All addressable sensors are hardwired to the gateway, with each gateway having completed power backup and redundancy. dTect also offers a RF module, a completely meshed environment that can support up to thousands of addressable sensors over kilometers if required. These are typically fed through dTect GatewayPro's "slave" units and can be powered by solar and/or hardwire.

dTect GatewayPro's online reporting platform enables us to offer commercial agents/landlords the ability to split bill postpaid water and/or electricity usage from any web browser, 24/7 to a format choice of excel, csv or pdf. In due course we will enable you to import these readings directly into your property management solution for tenant billing.

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